7 ways to Earn Money Online In Nepal without investment for Students

7 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal without Investment

Introduction: How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

Before 4-5 years no one could expect earning online money in Nepal but time has totally changed now. People are earning a lot of money online in Nepal that you can’t even imagine.

I know you may be a student and you might be searching on the internet “how to earn money online in nepal for students” or “how to earn money online in nepal without investment” or “how to make money online in nepal”. All these questions also came in my mind 5 years back and I deeply studied about it and here I am today telling you my story of  earning money through online in nepal.

No one will tell you the truth how they are making online money in Nepal because they fear that market will get saturated and everyone will do the same. But I will tell you the fact  because I believe in knowledge sharing so that eveyone get equally benefit.

However you should keep patience and work hard for it. I won’t tell you that you will be successfull overnight or in a week. It will definately take time but trust me the result will amaze you.

If you ask me how I am sure that online money making is possible in Nepal then I will tell you my true story and you can even cross check my social media to find out how I have been making online money since 2015 by Making Videos for Youtube Channel and other freelancing websites.

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How to earn money online in nepal for students?

Earning money online is an excellent way for students to make some extra cash to cover their expenses or save for future goals. In Nepal, the internet penetration rate has been increasing rapidly, making it possible for people to access online work opportunities. Let’s explore some of the ways that Nepalese students can earn money online.

According to Google Search report most people searches for “how to earn money online in nepal without investment”, “how to earn money online in nepal without investment for students”, “how to earn money online in nepal by playing games”. “earn money online in nepal esewa”. “how to earn money in nepal for students”. “watch video and earn money in nepal” . “earn money online in nepal app”. “how to earn money from mobile in nepal”.

In this article, I will tell you everything that I learnt in 5-6 years of my working experience.

In todays time there are plenty of works you can do to earn money online in Nepal. Some of the best ways to earn online in Nepal are given below:

1. Freelancing:

Freelancing is a self type of emplyoment where you can work for different clients at the same time on a project basis. For freelancing you should have atleast one skill to get hired. For example: Video Editor, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Online Tutor, Photogapher, Videographer etc.

There are various Websites which offer freelancing jobs some of them are:

   1.1 Upwork:

How to Earn Money Online In Nepal

Upwork is one of the famous platform where you can create a account and get hired by the clients on the basis of your job profile. It provides oppertunity both for the Clients and Freelancers to work remotely. If you are hired by any client, you will have to finish the given work and you will be paid onine. This is a great way to earn money online in nepal without investment.

   1.2 Freelancer:

How to Earn Money Online In Nepal

Freelancer is similar to Upwork where clients and freelancers work remotely. In the context of Nepal both Upwork and Freelancer are very famous websites to work on.

   1.3 Social Media:

Social Media is also a great option where you can find clients according to your skills. For example: I am Photographer and video maker, I often get project works from my Facebook and Linkden because my works portfolio gets proper exposer in social media.

   1.4 Fiverr:

How to Earn Money Online In Nepal

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers from all over the world can sell their services to clients from all over the world. Graphic design, programming, writing, translation, digital marketing, video editing, and other services are available on the platform. Fiverr allows freelancers to create a profile and set their own prices for their services. Clients can browse the various services available on Fiverr and hire freelancers to complete their projects.

2. Opening a Youtube Channel:

siness How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

Opening a Youtube Channel is my favourite way of generating revenue and it’s also very familier to the people in Nepal. Most of the Youths of City areas are aware about it. Some of them have already a youtube channel where they earn by making videos content for their youtube channel and get revenue by Google adsense by showing ads in their videos.

    2.1 Promoting Affiliate Product on Youtube:

After you open a youtube channel you can join any affiliate program and promote their product via your videos and you can get handsome amount of commission when product get sold.

3. Blogging:

siness How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online in Nepal. Blogging means writing articles in your website about anything you like. The best way to write article about anything is by doing some reasearch about what people search for in the Google, so that your article can rank in first page and you can earn traffic and generate revenue. How Can One Make Money Starting a Blog?

    3.1 Adsense:

Adsense is one of the famous ways to monitize your Blog website or Youtube channel where you get revenue once high traffic visit you site and see the ads.

    3.2 Affiliate Marketing:

Blogging website also can be monetized by promoting affiliate links of others product where you get certain commission once it’s sold.

You can also check this out: 13 Easy and Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online.

  4. Help local businesses on Facebook for jobs online:

If you have idea of creating ads on facebook or Google then you can definitely earn good amount of money working for any local business because today every businesses basic requirement is Digital Marketing and you can create oppertunity for your self.

5. Content Writting: 

siness How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

The creation of written material for publication on websites, blogs, social media platforms, or other digital platforms is referred to as content writing. Becoming a Content writer can be a ligit way of earning money online in Nepal.

6. Video Editor:

 How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

A video editor is a professional who edits and manipulates video footage to create a finished product. Becoming a Video Editor can be a ligit way of earning money online in Nepal.

7. Graphic Designer:

 How to Earn Money Online In Nepal?

A graphic designer is a professional who creates designs using visual elements for a variety of purposes such as advertising, branding, marketing, and communication. Typography, images, and other design elements are used by graphic designers to create visual representations of concepts and ideas. Becoming a Graphic Designer can be a ligit way of earning money online in Nepal.


here are some answers to those frequently asked questions:

What is an online job?

  • An online job is any type of job that can be done remotely, using the internet. This can include jobs such as data entry, customer service, content writing, graphic design, programming, and many others.

What kind of online jobs are available?

  • There are many different types of online jobs available, ranging from entry-level positions to highly skilled jobs. Some common types of online jobs include freelance writing, virtual assisting, online tutoring, web development, digital marketing, and online customer service.

How do I find online jobs?

  • There are many websites and job boards that specialize in posting online jobs. You can also find online jobs by searching on general job search websites or by networking with people in your industry who work remotely.

What skills do I need for online jobs?

  • The skills needed for online jobs can vary depending on the type of job. Some common skills include strong communication skills, time management, attention to detail, technical skills related to the job (such as web development or graphic design), and the ability to work independently.

How do I apply for online jobs?

  • The application process for online jobs is typically similar to traditional jobs. You’ll need to submit a resume and cover letter, and may be asked to complete additional assessments or provide work samples.

Can I make a full-time income from online jobs?

  • Yes, it is possible to make a full-time income from online jobs, depending on the type of job and your experience level. Some online jobs may even pay higher than traditional in-person jobs due to their remote nature.

How do I get paid for online jobs?

  • Payment methods for online jobs can vary depending on the employer. Some common payment methods include direct deposit, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Are online jobs legitimate?

  • Yes, there are many legitimate online jobs available. However, it’s important to do your research and make sure that you’re applying to jobs from reputable employers.

What are the advantages of online jobs?

  • Some advantages of online jobs include the ability to work from anywhere, flexible schedules, and often a lower cost of living due to the ability to work remotely.

What are the disadvantages of online jobs?

  • Some disadvantages of online jobs include potential isolation and lack of social interaction, difficulty separating work and personal life when working from home, and the need for self-motivation and discipline.
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