eSewa Users Can Now Withdraw money From Everest Bank ATMs

ईसेवामा रहेको पैसा एटीएममा


Esewa and Everest Bank have teamed up to make it possible to use Everest Bank ATMs to withdraw money from esewa.

ईसेवामा रहेको पैसा एटीएममा – eSewa Users Can Now Withdraw Cash/money From Everest Bank ATMs

Have you ever encountered a challenging circumstance when you were unable to withdraw money from your esewa account? There is no longer a concern. Esewa has come up with a fresh concept to enable cash withdrawals from ATMs.

How does it work?

At first you need to open esewa app in your mobile phone and follow the steps;

  1. Click on Atm withdrawal

Click on Atm withdrawal

2. Preferred Bank: Everest Bank

Click on Atm withdrawal

3. Enter Withdrawal amount and Remarks

Click on Atm withdrawal

4. Click on Confirm

Click on Atm withdrawal

5. Opt code will be sent your mobile phone

Click on Atm withdrawal

6. Enter the Otp pin and get the money from ATM

Click on Atm withdrawal

You might be wondering what the transaction limit is for this. Yes, there is a daily transaction limit of 5000. That is the truly tragic aspect of this service. However, we may now withdraw cash from esewa. That’s a wonderful thing to be thankful for.

eSewa Partners with Everest Bank to Offer Cash Withdrawals


The CEO of Esewa, Jagdish Khadka, stated that although the cashless trend has spread throughout the world, it is more difficult to implement in Nepal because not everyone has yet done so. People relied on agents prior to the introduction of Cash Withdrawals since it was inconvenient for the general public to pay the agents a large sum of money. Therefore, this Cash withdrawal service will undoubtedly simplify life for esewa consumers.

You won’t currently be charged for using the ATM at Everest Bank to withdraw money, however after NRB applies the charging amount, fees may be applied.

Source: Techpana

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